Texas Scaffolding Accidents and Injuries

While the construction industry is no stranger to worksite accidents, that doesn’t mean that neglect and serious injury should not be taken seriously by everyone at the construction site. That’s why the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires construction companies and foremen to follow specific safety protocol to protect those working or visiting a construction site.

OSHA also estimates that 65% of construction workers use scaffolds as part of their jobs. With so many construction workers relying on scaffolding to do their jobs, scaffolding accidents have become an all-too-common occurrence at Texas construction sites.

Common Causes of Texas Scaffolding Accidents

There are a variety of factors that may lead to a Texas scaffolding accident, such as:

  • Defective or faulty scaffolding (either through manufacturing or design);
  • Falling debris;
  • Faulty inspection of scaffolding;
  • Uninspected scaffolding;
  • Overloaded scaffolding;
  • Lack or improper use of scaffolding safety equipment; and
  • Failure of scaffold parts (i.e. wires, bracing, guard rails, planks, etc.).

OSHA also reports that 88 people died from scaffold accidents in 2007 (the last year of available recorded data), and 72% of those scaffolding accidents were caused by plank supports giving way or an employee either slipping or being struck by falling debris. Essentially speaking, 72% of these fatal scaffolding accidents could have been avoided if OSHA safety regulations had been followed.

Texas Scaffolding Accidents and Liability

Determining and proving liability in a Texas scaffolding accident can be complicated. While it is true that you are not allowed to sue an employer for your construction accident injuries when you accept Workers’ Compensation, it is entirely possible that a third party is liable for your scaffolding accidents injuries.

Third parties that may be held liable for a scaffolding accident include:

  • The manufacturer of the defective scaffolding;
  • The vendors or outside contractors responsible for erecting the scaffolding; and
  • Any outside contractors responsible for maintaining the safety of the scaffolding.

A qualified Houston construction accident lawyer can help you determine if any third-party liability is present in your case, and if so, what your legal options are for pursuing compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, Workers’ Compensation usually does not cover all costs for serious accidents resulting in long-term or permanent injuries. Speaking with a Houston construction accident lawyer can help you discover and explore all of your options for recovering the compensation you need and deserve following a serious Texas scaffolding accident.

Contacting a Houston Construction Accident Attorney

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