Accident Risks From Small Trucks

While big-rig accidents are frequently traumatic, they aren’t the only types of trucks involved in collisions. Drivers of smaller trucks, such as delivery vehicles and pickup trucks, can also make mistakes that lead to serious accidents.

Small Truck Accidents

Small trucks are frequently driven on both highways and residential streets, and even lower speed collisions often result in serious injuries, or even death. Common types of small truck accidents include:

Delivery vans

These vehicles are often used to transport mail and packages, flowers, food, and furniture. Delivery van accidents are common, partly because drivers are under tremendous pressure to deliver packages quickly, and partly due to inexperienced drivers. Many teenagers have part-time jobs as delivery drivers. These collisions are frequently caused by:

  • Backing up after passing a delivery location in an effort to save time, and colliding with a vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian as a result.
  • Suddenly stopping or backing up on busy roads.
  • Failing to yield while merging onto a highway.
  • Blocking lanes of traffic.
  • Making abrupt left turns.
  • Failing to engage the parking brake, thereby causing the vehicle to roll into traffic or pedestrians.

Pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are routinely used by many businesses, including handymen, landscaping services, and construction companies. Firms often buy or lease pickup trucks for use by their employees, and most of these trucks don’t require a commercial license to drive. There are numerous factors that may lead to collisions with pickup trucks, including:

  • Lack of professional driving experience.
  • Driving aggressively when running late to a job site.
  • Improperly loaded truck beds and trailers.
  • Lack of experience with pulling a long trailer filled with heavy equipment.

Vicarious Liability

When an employee is driving a vehicle on behalf of his employer, the company may also be held liable in the event of a collision. Employers have a duty to train and supervise their drivers, and to properly maintain their vehicles. If you’ve been injured in a collision with a small truck, you need professional representation by an experienced attorney. To learn more about what the law offices of Steve M. Lee, P.C., can do for you, visit us on Facebook.

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