Hit ’Em Where it Counts: What a Crash on the Company Dime Could Cost Your Employer

Some of us have a great employer who makes us feel like valued parts of a team. Others have an employer who can only be described as a heartless drone. Regardless of how you feel about each other on a personal level, an accident in a company car or while on company business would be devastating, both in terms of damage and the potential for much greater damage to the company.

Sure, we’d like to think that if we got injured on the job, our supervisor would be sympathetic and concerned—and most would be. The most concerning thing for many employers, however, is usually their bank account—and car accidents can seriously impact the company finances. For employers without a strict safety policy for employees on the road, this may be enough to convince them to hold safety in higher esteem.

The Risks and Costs of an Accident on Company Time

When you drive as part of your job, you are at an increased risk of an accident simply due to the sheer numbers—if you spend twice as much time driving as you would otherwise, you are exposed to twice the risk. Despite that fact, many employers still insist that travelling employees be reachable at all times, which puts unfair pressure on these men and women to answer calls, texts and emails—but at what cost?

  • Employees involved in a wreck on the job will cost money in terms of medical bills and time away from work.
  • Accidents caused by an employee driving on company business open the door for litigation, potentially costing a company millions in liability.

While many employers fear that they cannot afford to ban cell phone use and distractions from driving while on company business, the alternative is far pricier. If your company does not have a strict driving safety policy that includes a ban on texting, what are you waiting for? Act today!

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