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What To Do After Being Run Off the Road by a Negligent Driver? Sue ‘Em

As any Houston, TX personal injury lawyer will tell you, litigation is not always the answer. There are some instances when all parties involved after a Houston, TX car wreck—including the innocent victim and their family—are better off without going through the entire lawsuit process.

But even if you are thinking settlement instead of jury trial, or may not want to pursue your case against a negligent driver at all, it is important that you at least know what your legal rights are after being involved in a Houston, TX car accident. If a negligent driver—and not you—was the one to cause your wreck, there is a chance that these legal rights entitle you to some compensation.

There are, in reality, a great number of ways a negligent driver can crash you or your family’s car on the local roadways. These drivers—who may be drunk, distracted, or just plain reckless—can cause rear-end wrecks, head-on collisions, or side-swipe accidents. Or, as we’ve written about here before, they can run you off the road.

Getting run off the road by a negligent driver can be especially dangerous because of all the hazards you may face afterward. There is a significant chance that your car will hit:

  • A curb
  • A ditch
  • A sign
  • A building
  • A telephone pole
  • Oncoming traffic

The harsh reality is that when these accidents happen, grave circumstances await the innocent drivers and passengers involved. Severe injuries and even loss of life are very real possibilities. When this happens after you are run off the road by a negligent driver, your legal rights should entitle you to compensation.

If you want the strong arm of justice behind you and your family, call experienced and aggressive Houston, TX car accident injury Attorney Steve Lee today at (800) 232-3711 and schedule a free consultation about your case.

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