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A Smartphone Can Help You After a Vehicle Collision

Smartphones allow us to connect to the rest of the world from anywhere, and in ways we never could before. While phones can be dangerous distractions to motorists, they’re also a lifeline in the chaotic aftermath of a vehicle collision.

Smartphone Dangers

Most motorists keep their smartphones within arm’s reach, and this can be a problem. Using a phone while driving is incredibly distracting, in several important ways:

  • Control. Obviously, a motorist can’t hold a smartphone and keep both hands on the wheel at the same time. While it’s possible to drive with only one hand, doing so increases the risk that someone may lose control of his vehicle, and it makes evasive maneuvers far more difficult.
  • Focus. Motorists can’t focus their eyes solely on the road while they’re also looking at smartphones. A collision can occur in a matter of seconds when a driver loses focus, particularly when he’s traveling at highway speeds.
  • Attention. Using a smartphone is mentally distracting. Defensive driving is the safest driving, and it’s impossible to operate a vehicle this way while scanning social media or responding to a text message.

Smartphone Benefits

Using a smartphone while driving is irresponsible and dangerous, but these devices can be essential, and even life-saving, in the event of a collision. A smartphone can be used to:

  • Get help. The most obvious benefit of having access to a smartphone during a vehicle accident is that it can be used to call 911 and reach out to loved ones.
  • GPS tracking. In a serious accident, emergency responders often use a smartphone’s GPS to locate the vehicle. This is particularly crucial when a collision knocks the driver unconscious, or if the accident occurs in a remote area that’s difficult to find.
  • Take pictures. Memories fade with time, so photographs of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and injuries may be helpful later.
  • Save contact information. A smartphone may be used to collect contact information for the other drivers and any witnesses at the scene.
  • Research an attorney. The aftermath of an accident often involves a lot of waiting at the accident scene, and that time can be used to locate and research an attorney.

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