How can I avoid a truck accident this Fourth of July weekend?

Whether it falls on the weekend or a weekday, for most employees Independence Day is spent away from work, celebrating the birth of the nation. However, although you may be celebrating your freedom this Fourth of July weekend, many workers in the trucking industry will be hard at work on the roads. When you and your family are heading to parades, firework displays, barbecue cookouts, or pool parties, envious truckers are trying to get their loads to their destinations as quickly as possible so they can celebrate some of the holiday with their families.

Unfortunately, this desire to take part in Fourth of July festivities can cause truck drivers to speed or drive negligently, putting you and your family at risk for a serious accident.

Tips for Avoiding a Holiday Collision

Although you cannot control what a trucker does while he’s on the road, you can prepare and control your reactions to potentially dangerous situations. It doesn’t matter why a trucker is driving erratically—whether he is distracted, speeding, under the influence of alcohol, or heavily fatigued—what matters is that you and your family remain safe despite his actions. Instead of focusing all of your attention on the fun you’ll have at various parties, you need to place your focus on getting to and from these festivities safely. So, when preparing your celebrations for this Independence Day, remember to take traffic conditions into consideration and exhibit extra caution when driving near large trucks by…

  • Making yourself visible. Stay out of trucks’ blind spots. If you cannot see the drivers’ side mirrors, they probably can’t see you.
  • Paying attention. If you see a truck that is being driven erratically or in a reckless manner, stay away from it and call 911 immediately. The driver may not have caused an accident yet, but you could prevent one by reporting him to the authorities.
  • Keeping your distance. Avoid driving directly in front of or immediately behind a truck; as a rule of thumb, consider anything within ten feet to be too close. Trucks have increased stopping distances, and if you’re in traffic and have to stop quickly, they may end up crashing into you or you into them.
  • Driving defensively. Do not drive aggressively around a truck. They may be driving in a way that you do not like, but you do not want to pick a fight on the highway with a truck which is significantly larger than your passenger vehicle.

Fighting For Liberty After a Fourth of July Truck Accident

When you or a loved one suffers injuries as a result of a holiday truck collision, you don’t deserve to be oppressed by insurance companies. You deserve understanding and help. Thankfully, you have options to get that help:

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