I hit a pothole and crashed my car; I was left seriously injured. Can I hold the City of Houston responsible?

Potholes are one of the most frustrating parts of driving. One minute, you’re driving down a perfectly paved road, and the next minute, your car is crashing into a giant hole in the pavement. Some drivers are able to travel over a pothole without any immediate damage to their vehicle, but the holes still wear on tires and can knock a vehicle out of alignment. Some drivers are not so “lucky” and may end up in a serious accident like you did.

Potholes can be found anywhere in Texas which, unfortunately, means that sometimes it can be difficult to determine who is in charge of maintaining certain roads. Additionally, if you are able to figure out the responsible party, you will also need to prove that they were negligent. If they knew the pothole existed and purposely did nothing about it, or if they repaired the pothole but didn’t do it properly, you may have a case.

Think about where your accident occurred: was it a major highway? A street in your neighborhood? You’re going to need to try and narrow down who the at-fault organization or party might be. Options include the:

  • State of Texas
  • City/Town
  • County
  • Public Works
  • Contractor
  • Public agency

If you’re not sure, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Steve Lee. He can help you figure out who is responsible for your accident and what needs to happen next. In the mean time, be sure to document absolutely anything and everything. This includes your car repair bills, medical bills, the date/time/location of the pothole accident, contact information for any witnesses who saw your accident, and obtain a copy of your police report if one was filed.

If you want to report a pothole on a state road, you can do so on the Texas Department of Transportation’s website. If you would like to report a pothole on a Houston city road, you can submit a service request through their website.

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