Dangers of Drug Use on Construction Sites

The construction industry has a serious drug problem. Job sites are inherently dangerous, and the use of prescription and illegal drugs only magnifies this risk. Widespread substance abuse has contributed to the construction industry’s high injury rate. In fact, construction has the second highest percentage of employees with substance use disorder: 14.3 percent.

Construction Site Drug Use

Many construction industry employees use over-the-counter, prescription, and even illegal drugs to relieve pain and to stay awake. These substances include:

  • Methamphetamine. Some construction workers rely on methamphetamine to help them stay alert and awake. The initial rush from ingestion of this drug causes a big boost in energy, awareness, and mood, but there’s a serious downside. Methamphetamine use is linked to numerous psychiatric problems, including depression, irritability, paranoia, insomnia, and increased aggression. These behavioral changes may lead to an increased propensity for violent crime, homicide, and suicide—increasing the risk of injury or death for the construction employee and his coworkers.
  • Prescription drugs. Prescription drug reactions differ from one person to the next. When a construction worker is taking new medication for the first time, he can’t be certain how it might affect him. Due to the strenuous nature of construction work, many employees rely on prescription painkillers to make it through their days. Opioid addiction is a problem in many industries, and it’s particularly dangerous in the construction business. Workers operating heavy machinery under the influence of opioids are putting themselves and their coworkers at risk.

Construction Site Injuries

Construction site drug use can lead to serious accidents, including heavy equipment injuries, falls, being struck by or trapped between objects, and electrocution. These accidents may have devastating consequences, including broken bones, internal organ damage, head and brain injuries, electrical burns, and even death.

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